Why Did We Fall?

Yes, I say “we” because this concerns all of us in this region, locals and expats.

This blog is usually about photography, but the event of the past few days touched me to a point that I decided to change the direction of my blog and make it cover more grounds.

I can say that I have never felt so proud for the past 14 years since I moved to the UAE. The attempt of H.E. Mr. Mohammad Alabbar to keep the ownership of Souq.com in the UAE against the giant Amazon was bold.

Unfortunately, the attempt failed and the sale went through despite all the efforts done to stop it.

Why did Amazon suddenly get interested in Souq.com?

To kill 2 birds in one stone. By buying Souq.com Amazon killed noon.com. The pre-announcement of noon.com is the trigger of buying Souq.com

Mistakes happen. What is important is that this region is going in the right direction.

Is there still hope for noon.com? Sure, with few unique innovative ideas it could still make it.

Let’s give an applause to H.E. for his first attempt.